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Culture as

an element

to be preserved in times of technological change

Aletom digital is a publishing project focused on development ​of cultural and educational visual exhibition activities.

It connects creative, technology and culture through the​ use

original hand-made art and digital technologies wit​h the objective of recover, restore and provide value to ​ideas related to cultural and historical heri​t​a​ge.

Get inspired by our c​ases

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150 Years

o​f Smiles

on Pap​er

A historical and visual journey from the 19th century that ​uncovers keys to the historical, social and cultural context ​through the printed issues number 1 published by the illus​trated satirical magazines published in ​S​p​ain.

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Reimagined ​Faces of ​Literature

A visual and biographical tour of key writers of ​classical literature through history.​

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The Faces of ​the Cervantes ​Awards

We know their names and works... do you recognise their ​faces? "The Faces of the Cervantes Awards" is an exhibition ​that will help the public to make visible, recognise and ​highlight, through the Art of Caricature, the winners of the ​Cervantes Prize and the Cervantes Chico Prize, which ​is awarded in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid).​

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Unique pieces of art created by some of ​the greatest illustration and comic artists. ​Original hand-made pages


A selection of original historic ancient ​graphic humour printed publications


Unique memorabilia pieces from some

of the biggest music artists of all times

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Our Highlights


Applying the benefits of both worlds ​off&on in the use of traditional creative ​methods and last digital advan​ces


Expert-led tech consultancy to ​supercharge your project


Boost historic and cultural memory through development of original exhibition ideas

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About Aletom

Our previous professional background of more than 30 years includes working in different projects (culture, education, digital advertising, cloud, marketing strategy, etc...) for companies such as :

Unidad Editorial, El País, Prisa Brand Solutions, ABC, La Vanguardia, Le Figaro (France), Publico (Portugal), La Reppublica (Italy), Gazzetta Wyborcjza (Poland),

24 Chasa (Bulgary), Vijesti (Montenegro), Diena (Latvia), Petit Press (Slovaquia), Eesti Paevelhi (Estonia), Lietuvo Rytas (Lithuania), Die Welt (Germany), Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, Rural y Marino de España, Cuerpo Nacional de Policía (Policía), (Servitecsa-grupo BBVA, RTVE, SM), BBVA Foundation, Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia de España, Santillana, Springer, UNED, Telemadrid, Quirón Salud, Amazon, Más Móvil, TAM Airlines, Suzuki, Raiser Games, Rockstar Games, Oysho, AMC Networks... and many more.

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